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Commonwealth Chess R 7

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July 5, 2011

Many Indians are in the reckoning for the top places at the ongoing Commonwealth Chess Championship being played at Johannesburg in South Africa. Top Seed Grandmaster Nigel Short had a tough day playing against 2nd seed India’s Abhijit Gupta. Both the players were determined not give any chance to the other and fought for a win. However wehen they realised that no outcome is possible thay agreed to share the point. On the Top board International Master Sahej Gupta came well prepared to face Championship leader GM Jones Gawain. Gawain who is leading the championship by half a point was in no mood to take any risk and played a normal game which in the end resulted in a draw. International Master and former World Junior Girls Champion Dronavalli Harika , who drew her game game in the 6th round, played a very good game and defeated her opponent David Ovcina with ease. IM Prathmesh Mokal, who after loosing the 5th round game, picked up two straight wins in the 6th and 7th Round. With 6 points he is just half a point behind the championship leader. International Master and Asian womens Champion Tania Sachdev surprised her opponent in the middle game and quickly regrouped her pieces to give a crushing defeat to her Opponent GM Rajaram Laxman also won his game while WGm S Meenakshi after a long and tiring battle could secure a draw. IM Eesha Karwade was not so lucky with her game, which she was destined to win but she commited a blunder in the end game and lost.

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